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The Liverpool Thrive programme that was managed and delivered by the LARC partners is now completed. Through the 3 years of the Thrive programme the LARC partners commissioned and produced a number of reports and studies that both influenced and evaluated the main interventions supported with the Thrive funds. The main reports are available to download below (PDF format).


LARC Thrive Final Report (June 2013)
Let’s Work Together – Conference Report (August 2011)
Let’s Work Together – Conference Feedback and Recommendations (August 2011) 

Data and Statistics

Data Report – September 2008
Data Report – September 2009
Data Report – December 2010
Liverpool Cultural Sector and Higher Education Mapping Report (June 2009)
Thrive North Liverpool Mapping Report (March 2010)
Audiences: Benchmark Report (January 2010)
CPD Portal – Needs Analysis (September 2010)

Strategies, Policies and Plans

Thrive: Full Business Case (March 2008)
Thrive: Executive Summary (March 2008)
Thrive Revised Business Case (November 2009)
Culture and Civic Responsibility in Liverpool publication (October 2010)
Achieving Great Art for Everyone – The LARC Response (April 2010)
LARC – Our Vision and Values (December 2010)

Research and Evaluation

Final Evaluation Report (April 2011)
Intrinsic Impact Report (June 2011)
Open City Evaluation Report (May 2011)
Economic Impact – Scoping Study (May 2010)
Executive Summary: Economic Impact – Scoping Study (May 2010)
Economic Impact – Final Report (September 2011)
Long Night Report 2008
Telling Stories – Arts culture and wellbeing in North Liverpool (November 2010)
Evaluation Support Programme – Final Report (May 2010)
Capacity Building – Final Report (April 2010)

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