North Liverpool Programme Sharing Events

During the North Liverpool mapping process carried out under LARC’s Thrive Programme a common theme came out from non arts-based organisations.

Most stated that they would happily include artistic activity in their programming but they lack some expertise in either devising or delivering those programs.

In response to this, the LARC Members proposed a series of events that will help organisations explore the possibilities in creative programming.

The first of three linked LARC Programme Sharing Workshops took place in Liverpool Lighthouse on 7th May. These workshops represent an important development in partnership working in North Liverpool and form an integral part of the Cultural Sector Development Strategy being implemented under LARC’s Thrive Programme.

They are designed to help LARC members and community-based organisations to develop partnerships with each other, align current programmes and create new programme ideas to potentially address social regeneration issues within North Liverpool.

Facilitated by Gerri Moriarty, and attended by a wide range of participants from key organisations, the events will be further supported by a series of workshops looking at funding and evaluation support.

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