North Liverpool Mapping Project

This project provides an overview of current cultural activity in North Liverpool, and identifies how LARC could work most effectively with community and cultural organisations based or working in North Liverpool. Purpose of the research It is intended to inform the development of partnerships with other agencies and programmes working in North Liverpool, including Liverpool First (the local strategic partnership), Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Vision, Step Clever, and the Primary Care Trust. The final report was undertaken primarily to inform the development of the Liverpool Thrive programme, but will also contribute to Find Your Talent. The research was undertaken between September 2008 and February 2009. Key Findings Some of the main findings that have come from the report are: Successful projects are directly linked to strong relationships with cultural partners The growing projects in North Liverpool need stronger support through resources and skills training Strong networks and links to community partners foster successful projects The full findings and recommendations of the report can be found here: North Liverpool Mapping Report Because of the mapping project LARC and othe cultural organisation have been able to implement stronger links and projects in North Liverpool including: The Capacity Building Programme and The Evaluation Development Project DOCUMENTS Thrive North Liverpool mapping report...

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Evaluation Development Project

LARC has initiated a programme to support community & cultural organisations working in North Liverpool to help them develop their evaluation capacity. This programme will assist organisations as they develop specific evaluation skills relating to participatory arts programmes.  It will support them in learning new techniques for gathering data and documenting results in a way that demonstrates the contribution that cultural projects can make to achieving local (and national) regeneration priorities. The team is being led by Francois Matarasso, an internationally recognised consultant and writer on community-based arts practice and its impact.  Francois has worked for national and local government, foundations, arts organisations and international agencies in over 30 countries. The team started work in May 2009 with the programme set to be completed in December 2010.  The programme has so far run various seminars on evaluation techniques, whilst providing in-depth support in small group sessions (as well as 1-1 support) with a core group of arts practitioners and organisations in Liverpool The results from this information sharing will lead to individual evaluation toolkits for each organisation so they can confidently evaluate themselves on their...

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Capacity Building Programme

As part of its Liverpool Thrive! Programme, Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium has appointed The Hamilton Project to develop a tailored capacity building programme. They will provide support to a number of community & cultural organisations in North Liverpool, helping build their cultural programming skills and working with them in securing resources for their creative ideas. The Capacity Building Programme will run until December 2010 and will include a range of engagement methods such as seminars, small group workshops, 1-1 sessions and online support...

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