Tackling Climate Change

21 organisations including the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, the Bluecoat, Tate Liverpool, Fuse Theatre and Red Dot Exhibitions, explored new ways of tackling climate change issues for both the larger arts venues and smaller independent companies.  The workshop event in February, part funded by Liverpool City Council, featured contributions from Mark Watts, Ken Livingstone’s former climate change advisor, and Ben Todd, Executive Director of the Arcola Theatre, London, which aims to become the world’s first carbon neutral theatre. More than 20 arts and cultural organisations took part in the day-long event, arranged by Tipping Point, a national organisation dedicated to finding creative ways of tackling climate change issues. Some early results from the seminar include the establishment of an email network to share equipment and materials that organisations no longer want, and the establishment of a group of venue operations managers to provide mutual support in addressing climate change issues.   The seminar also resolved to encourage greater use of public transport for audiences attending cultural events. DOCUMENTS Tipping Point Press Release.doc LARCTippingPointReport.pdf...

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