Audience Development

The LARC Marketing group initiated an audience development programme in Spring 2008, to help address some of the strategic gaps that were left on the closure of TEAM in June 2007.   TEAM was previously the audience development agency for Merseyside. Support was given by Arts Council England North West from Grants for the Arts, and the LARC partners have also contributed financially to the programme.

Unity Theatre led the project on behalf of LARC, contracting Arts About Manchester to deliver the programme.  This served as an opportunity to pilot a new approach to working with Arts About Manchester, which has now developed into the audience development agency for the North West – All About Audiences .  The LARC audience development programme will continue to be delivered in partnership with the new regional agency.

Phase 1 of the programme ran from July 08 to August 09, with a dedicated staff team based in Liverpool. The programme is still in operation, and is being delivered by Arts About Manchester in its new regional role. It includes:

Family Friendly Merseyside

Open City


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